AMWJU condemns Mumbai rape


IMPHAL, August 27: The All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU) in its Standing Committee meeting held at Manipur Press Club today has strongly condemned the alleged gang rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai on August 22 last and demanded befitting punishment to those involved under the eye of law, conveyed a press release of AMWJU.

The meeting also urged to editors of all the newspapers and general public to solve the issue of whether to publish or refrain from publishing any news items amicably based on the Code of Conduct (Local Adjustment) and further appealed to respect the Code of Conduct formulated by AMWJU.

According to the Code of Conduct (Local Adjustment), to publish a news report appeared in a newspaper by another newspaper or channel stating to be correct or incorrect along with quoting the newspaper’s name is prohibited. As such, the respective newspaper or channel instead of clarifying the news content or hurling allegation against it should informe the newspaper which had published the particular news report to clarify it.

If the responsible newspaper fails to clarify within a given time then one may move the concerned Law Court in accordance with guideline of Press Council of India. For any details, the doors of AMWJU shall be always opened, it said.

Further, the meeting also expressed concern over people possessing fake press card adding that AMWJU has been trying to identify legitimate members of the association and said that the Standing Committee has been trying to implement the resolution taken by the General Body of AMWJU that fake journalists should be expelled.

It also appealed editors of all the newspapers by taking into account the rules and regulations of AMWJU not to issue press card to non-journalists and if given accidentally, then they should be informed to surrender it.  


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