Dy CM strikes note against bandh, blockade culture


IMPHAL, August 12: Bandhs, blockades and general strike are only troublesome and the agitators need to understand the impact of such disruptions on the general public, said state Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam today.

The state Dy CM who is also the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president was speaking at the opening ceremony of the North East Zonal Congress Seva Dal training camp from August 12-18 at Retreat House, Mantripukhri today.

The training camp was attended seva dal members of the party from Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh.

Bandhs, blockades and general strike have today become a frequent fixture in the whole north east, said the state Congress president.

Kidnapping has today become a tool for placing a demand and earning ransom he said, while adding that even cadres of outfits under ceasefire with the government are involved in such activities.

He further expressed that all those involved in such unwanted incidents should consider whether their activities are right or wrong.

Expressing that the delegates have come a long way to attend the workshop, the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president also added that the Seva Dal is a symbol of love, discipline, integrity and to cooperate each other.

The role of the Seva Dal is immense and this training will be beneficial to the improvement of the Congress, he said.

He further asserted that the Seva Dal is small in the state, but according to the All India trade Union Congress, it is the best in the entire country.


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