Narrative Arts festival from Aug 22 in state


    IMPHAL, August 16: The Theatre Centre Manipur will organise the Ninth Festival of Narrative Arts 2013 at Lairenjam Awang Leikai Community hall near Mekola Bazar from August 22 to 31.

    Speaking to media persons at a press conference Naba Warappa, President of Theatre Arts, Manipur said that the aim to organise such festival is to save the tradition and culture which is in art form.

    The festival will take the role of spreading awareness to safeguard and improve the culture of the state, he said.

    He continued that Laireek Thiba-Haiba, Waree-Leeba, Khongjom Parva, Pena, Phamsak and along with the exhibition of Goura-Leela, Man Bhajan, Khullang Eshei and Khubak Eshei will be included in the festival.


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