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Peace pact signatory outfit cadres assualt VDF personnel in drunken stupor

IMPHAL, September 10: A visibly drunk cadre of an underground outfit who is part of a Memorandum of Understanding agreement today created a commotion at the CCpur District Hospital after VDF personnel posted at the entrance of the Children ward of the hospital stopped him from entering the ward.

Meanwhile, a source has informed that the cadre is none other than Ningthoujam Nongdren Khomba, commander in chief of KCP (Nongdren Khomba group) that had signed an MoU with the government yesterday.

The incident occurred around 2:30pm when the state Health minister was on an inspection tour of the hospital.

The cadre involved in the fracas is said to be presently stationed at the 46 Assam Rifles camp at head quarter Veng in the heart of Lamka Town.

When the VDF on duty accosted the drunken cadre from entering the ward and held him inside their post, the drunk cadre called the other cadres who came in a black Bolero jeep bearing regd no MN 04 6963 and other vehicles  commanded by their Commander in chief and his immediate subordinate.

On entering the hospital premises, the cadres who by now numbered to more than 10 were told of the ministerial visit by the security men. However, the cadres instead of taking heed started assaulting the security guard and told them to call on the Superintendent of Police (SP).

Three VDF/police personnel sustained injuries in the resulting fracas and were given treatment at the hospital.

The security personnel present to guard the VIPs did not react at all during the assault and the cadre was let off after the incident, said a source.

People outside the hospital said that there are at least two AR vehicles stationed at the gate of the hospital when the incident took place.

Interestingly, the  Headquarter Veng Women  Welfare Committee which is located near to the 46 AR post had taken a procession on the road  at 11 am from the district hospital announcing that anyone found taking drugs/ alcohol and acting immorally  within  the vicinity of their locality will be dealt with strictly.



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