Chaoba redicules govt ability to execute Food Security Act


IMPHAL, October 19: The Congress party in the state will be unable to fully implement the Food Security Act in the state before 2014 which they have devised with the aim of earning votes, predicted former Union Minister and state BJP president Th Chaoba.

It was stated during the closing function of the three-day state level political training camp at party HQ at Nityaipat Chuthek today.

Speaking at the training camp, he further said the future is very unclear as the state has been unsuccessful in even providing PDS items properly and has utilized it as a means for doing business. Thus, the state government will be unable to enforce the Food Security Act, he surmised.

The government will not be able to transport the items because the road conditions are deplorable and there is no proper warehouse to store them. These are the main issues and until the facilities are put into place it will be a failure, he elaborated further. Taking a dig at Ibobi government, he added that all the paper works as proof for full implementation will however be forwarded to the Centre somehow or the other though in reality it will be a failure and will be another avenue for earning money.

The governance in the state has failed – there is no proper drinking water, deplorable road, bad electricity supply etc, he alleged.

He continued that in Manipur the focus is on sending complete paper works without actually completing the task. The effective but bogus reports to the centre have resulted in the exclusion of Manipur from the list of Special Category States  by the Dr Raghunathan Committee    and denied of the facilities it had received earlier.

The schemes which they have implemented in the state for the poor were less enjoyed by the intended section and the beneficiaries are the ones who are close to the MLAs, he alleged.


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