Maoist allege Agri Dept of monopolizing urea distribution


IMPHAL, October 29: The Agriculture department is pilfering the supply of Urea which is meant for distribution to farmers, according to secretary of publicity and propaganda, Nonglen Meitei of the proscribed Maoist Communist Party of Manipur.

The release states that the Agriculture department had procured 3 lakh bags of urea for the paddy season and to be sold to farmers at a subsidized rate of Rs 286 per bag. But, the farmers had bought a bag at the rate of Rs 700 as the subsidy was not tendered in actuality.

If the 3 lakh bags were distributed on time and subsidy was provided to help the farmers , at least 150 bags could be distributed to each Leikai across the State.

The announcement by the department that all the bags have been distributed to the farmers is a fictitious statement and the Maoist has investigated the matter. It is not only marginalizing of the farmers who are still poverty ridden but oppression to the public by the concerned authorities. The department must have conducted a sales upto the tune of Rs 6 crores from the bags but mostly the sale was monopolized for the profit of some section and not in the interest of the farmers.

Hence, the Maoist take the stance that the matter will not be taken lightly and in the general welfare of the farmers will take up necessitate action. The release also invites suggestion from the general public and the state on the issue within 5 days.


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