MPC conduct Heath awareness camp at karang Island


    IMPHAL, October 31:   Manipur Photography Club (MPC) has organized a health awareness camp at Karang Island at Moirang.

    The three-day photography trip to Karang Island in Thanga AC is a regular monthly event to capture the scenic beauty of Manipur for upgradation of the tourism potential enjoyed by the state.

    The Karang Island trip was started from October 25 to 27, 2013 to cover the regular MPC events of capturing images of our beautiful places but a general health awareness camp was included as part of the trips. In the health camp MPC distributed thousands of medicine ranging from vitamin supplement, Iron supplement, cough syrup, Calcium tablet etc. to the villagers of Karang Island.

    The MPC appreciated the warm hospitality offered by the villagers and CO of 6th Assam Rifles and post commander Assam Rifles at Karang for making the stay at Karang a secure one. It also thanked Sapam Pharmacy and Rishikanta of Indemic for providing medical supports.


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