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Accused in slay of bamboo cutter in police custody

JIRIBAM, November 26: Villagers of Babukhal village, Jiribam have handed over M Nilokumar Singh alias Nana, 30, son of M Tombok  Singh who allegedly hacked to death a bamboo cutter while injuring three others on November 22 near Makru in Tamenglong ditrict.

Family members have accepted the body of the victim identified as Doly Joy, 30 son of (L) Puyaram after post mortem was conducted.

It may be mentioned that Nilokumar had allegedly killed Doly Joy using a machete while three others suffered injuries on November 22 near Makru in Tousem sub-division of Tamenglong district about 35 kms east of Jiribam police station along the National Highway.

Both victim and the assailant were among a group of people involved in cutting bamboos in the area.

After the villagers handed over Nilokumar Singh to the Jiribam police, the assailant was later handed over to the concerned Tousem police.

Villagers said that Nilokumar, on being questioned about his motive behind the attack, said he could not understand his violent acts and continued that there was no quarrel or fights with his co-workers.

Nilokumar had also expressed that he could have been instigated in his violent acts and that when he regain consciousness, he had himself tried to kill himself with the machete, the villagers continued.

The villagers were also anticipated that the man’s action could have been instigated by occult presence in the jungle.



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