Bandhs hampering progress : Govindas


IMPHAL, November 23: Through the sericulture undertakings in the state, helped by the contribution of the farmers, we can make a huge difference to the state’s economy. We have great potential in sericulture but the enjoyment of its fruits has been delayed by the weak work culture plaguing our society, said Commerce and Industries Minister Govindas Konthoujam.

He made the statement during a farmer’s awareness programme on Eri silk which was jointly organised by the Central Muga Eri Research and Training Institute, Government of India, Lahdoigarh, Jorhat of Assam; CCS National Institute of Agriculture Marketing, Government of India, Jaipur and Department of Sericulture, Government of Manipur at the premise of the Directorate of Sericulture at Sangaipat today.

Govindas Konthoujam further said that Manipur has unique potential in this field as four types of cocoons for silk products are found here.

More than 50 percent of the Eri culture production in India is contributed by Manipur, he said elaborating that India has 750 metric tons of Eri production while Manipur’s share is 425 metric tons.

He suggested to farmers that since our economy is dependent on agriculture and allied sectors, we need to showcase the produce of our sericulture project to the rest of the world.

When we have enough raw materials then we will need the marketing. If we work hard there will be more projects and we manufacture enough volume of the silk items we will earn good name in the market, he added.

We need to work confidently in each and every project related to sericulture in order to make people here and other countries to have belief on us, so that Indian Government or any funding agency will have faith on us, he stated.

He claimed that the present law and order situation in state has improved compared to the time when the Phase I of the sericulture project funded by Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) was executed. But we have frequent bandhs and blockades from different groups in the state which have hampered our socio-economy growth, he added.

Recently, the state government discussed the bandh and blockade that are frequently encountered in the state, he said adding that the government will be taking up steps against the perpetrators in order to make them understand the loss incurred to the economy of the state. They will be punished and steps taken to recover the losses suffered due to their bandhs, he said.

In spite of the barriers, the farmers have to work hard because the ministry of textile will be giving more emphasis to the north-eastern state and the MGNERGS scheme will merge with sericulture projects, he said adding that the central cabinet has approved the converging of sericulture and MGNREGS scheme.

Now the farmers will get there fund or money through e-transfer system directly to their accounts. Farmers are the bridge to fill the gap between product and demand groups in sericulture, he said.

He said “the players of economy in country are farmer”. So, we need to highlight our line of sericulture products from time to time.

Minister said that the proposal of NE Seripreneur 2014 in Manipur depends on the farmer’s activities during this period. Without adequate production of silk what will be the meaning of hosting the festival, he said. Only if the quantum of silk product increase the festival of NE Seri Entrepreneurs meet 2014 will be organised, he stated.


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