BRTF appeal on bomb attack


IMPHAL, November 23: The commander of the 25 BRTF has today made a public appeal in connection with the unfortunate incident of bomb attack on Nov 18, 2013 nearby at HQ 84 RCC (GREF) in Ukhrul District in which several personnel of BRTF and a minor child sustained injuries.

It was conveyed in a press release that out of the injured personnel, nine were in critical condition and are still under medical treatment and the seven-year-old girl is still struggling against amputation of one of her legs.

On behalf of the Border Roads Task Force, the commander appealed to all concerned to avoid such violent act as all the people of this state are well aware that BRTF ‘is working here, leaving aside their family members, dear relatives, etc, in the jungles for the people of this state and for the development of requisite infrastructure’, it said and added that above all, most of the personnel who are working on the road are all Casual Pay Labourers (CPL), i.e. daily wage earners. All the CPLs are from very economically back ward families.

However, without co-operation, it would be very difficult to accomplish our task within the stipulated period, it mentioned in the press release.

In view of the above, if this type of violent activities continue, it would be very difficult to bring the CPL from outside. Apart from the CPL, even regular employees, like engineers, supervisors and other tradesmen/employees are very reluctant to work in this area, it further said adding that BRTF is working for the people of the state and working day and night for its development.

And once again, the commander of the 25 BRTF, on behalf of this organization, appealed to all concerned not to disturb the construction activity so as to enable the force to achieve its goal i.e. betterment of the Manipur, adding that BRTF is all peace loving people and want to work peacefully and if any service can be done from our side.


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