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Candle-light vigil taken out at Ukhrul against frequent bomb attacks

IMPHAL, November 26: Residents of Ukhrul town held a candlelight vigil today decrying the series of bomb attacks perpetrated within the district.

The vigil was held at Gandhi Chowk from 3.30 pm and continued well into late evening and was organized by a facebook group called, “Tangkhuls on Facebook”.

There was a strong participation from the public and mainly from the student community.  

The organizers read out to the crowd an appeal which mentioned that Ukhrul residents are deeply disturbed by the recent attacks and have witnessed killings in eight bombings in a span of two months. Such acts where innocent lives are put under threat are alien to our culture and prayed that whatever issue and problem arising can be overcome through dialogue.

It fervently appealed to all the concerned parties to shun any form of violence and the district administrators to provide enough security to the public so that such untoward incidents do not happen again in the future.

Further, it mentioned that no breakthrough have been made till date in all cases of bomb explosions and that the district administration is not sensitive enough to the  prevalent situation specially where three explosions occurred within a kilometre radius of the Mini Secretariat and just few metres away from the Reserve Police Force, Ukhrul.

The appeal further read that it is also very shocking that there has been no reaction from the three elected representatives (MLAs) despite such dreadful incidents.

It also goes out to them to extend their concern in thoughts and deeds.

The members of Tangkhuls on Facebook condemned any form of killings and bombings that have caused untold miseries and expressed their heartfelt sympathy to the victims.



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