Five stolen vehicles found at Kwakta


CCPUR, November 29: Around 6.30 this morning a team of CCpur Police recovered five stolen two wheelers at Kwakta ward no 6 which lies between CCpur and Moirang along the Tiddim road.

The police team in three police Gypsy led by Officer-in Charge ( OC) Elvis Tunglut brought back the recovered vehicles around 9 am and displayed them at the CCpur police station campus for the media.

The recovered two wheelers include two Honda Activa- a blue and white.

While the blue colour Activa had registration number MN 02A 0795, the number plate of the white Activa were missing.

The other recovered vehicles are Pulser 180 DTS 1 black in colour with registration no MN02-6273; black colour Y2K Kinetic Honda bearing registration no MN02 0272 and a Bajaj scooter, blue colour with registration no MNS -4299.

The police had also recovered a stolen 0.5 Horse Power water motor.

Elaborating on the recovered items, the OC told media persons that information received had said that there was also a large electric generator amongst the stolen items, however, when the police found it missing.

He said that the police had to go in three Gypsy full of police personnel as the place is notorious for shielding vehicle snatchers in the past and sometimes even attack the law enforcers.

Source also said that most of the stolen goods, of any kind from CCpur, mostly end up at Kwakta which is a safe haven for vehicle snatchers.

OC Tunglut also told IFP that had the police team not been efficient and not reach there in time, a group of women from Kwakta who were trying to disrupt the police could have been successful and the story would have been altogether different.

Elaborating on the police operation, he said the five vehicles and the water motor recovered were found concealed inside two houses in Kwakta ward No 6.

The vehicles were found hidden inside the bedroom, kitchen, etc. of the two houses where the vehicles were found covered by shawl and tarpaulin, he said.

The police officer also promised to recover all stolen goods.

Meanwhile on being questioned by IFP, about the latest attacks at CCpur Police Station by mobs, the OC Elvis Tunglut said that the people of CCpur are at fault the last time when they tried to attack the CCpur Police Station on November 27.

He said that the people of the Rangkai locality, after apprehending the alleged molester of a 19 years old girl at Rangkai, had handed the culprit to the police but after dark they demanded the police to hand over the culprits to them again which ,the OC said, the police can never allow.

The OC asked the people to be reasonable and shun those kinds of meaningless demands which obstruct the law enforcement agency from carrying out their duty while at the same time promising the people of CCpur that the police will see to it that the law will take its own course swiftly. On On being asked about claims that the CCpur Police is trigger happy during such public outbursts, the OC responded that the police had to resort to blank firing on November 27, as the mob pelts stones and anything and also in the past, as the mob used stones and anythings they could lay their hand on to attack the police.

Meanwhile, other than the Kinetic Honda, all other recovered vehicles have been claimed by their said owners.


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