IOF orchestrated blasts: UNLF


IMPHAL, November 3: The United National Liberation Front has alleged that the bomb attacks during the last two-three months, including the one at Yaiskul which killed three persons, is a clandestine state terrorism operation orchestrated by the alien security army backing up the Indian imperialist regime.

In a press release issued by the senior publicity officer, Ksh Yoiheiba, the party stated that the core idea behind the veiled operation of the Indian Occupation Force is to press the blame for the lives lost and endangerment on humans on the insurgents so that the revolutionary outfits can be portrayed as terrorists and consequently diverted the mind of the public from the freedom struggle.

This is the exact interpretation of the Project WHAM (war in the heart and mind) undertaken by the IOF to wrest the mind and heart of the common people through a deep sense of horror, it added.


The note asserted that even while carrying out assaults on the IOF over the years, the insurgents have the restraint to take precaution so that there is no collateral damage and innocent public does not become part of the casualty. In unavoidable cases, where innocent public are hurt or killed, the groups have a practice of expressing their heartfelt apologies and regrets, the note added.

The Moreh bus parking at Yaiskul is not a location which is frequented by the IOF but rather is public place and an explosion there will inevitably lead to fatalities of innocent public, it stated raising the question of what the revolutionary groups will gain by planting a bomb at that spot.

The IOF has an agenda that it will kill 10-10 civilians for each of their colleague who died or got hurt in combat with the militants and the proof lies in the number of incidents of mass killing that they have carried out, the note added.

The IOF plans to totally annihilate the Manipuri race through covert and overt killings and many personnel involved in fake encounters and killing and abduction for ransom have been decorated with the highest military awards. The killing of brothers Nobo and Govind of Bashikong and Yengkhom Krishnadas from Thangmeiband and awarding of Asok Chakra to Maj Ramkumar of 39 AR who was directly involved the abduction and killing is out in the open, it stated.

The release further mentioned that Major Anand Kanti of 22 AR was in the middle of a controversy as he was caught by the police along with members of a militant group under SoO for trying to extort money.

The spurt of violence to divert attention from the recommendation from Amnesty International to free Sharmila and to strengthen the claim for promulgation of AFSPA again in Imphal area is happening regularly, the release added. The people know perfectly the outlook of the imperialist regime on Irom Sharmila and the common people, it added.

It appealed to the common people to introspect the ways for stopping the resolute plan for annihilation of the native race and to protect themselves from the covert and overt operations to achieve this.


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