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Ningol Chakaoba in Bangalore

Ningol Chakaoba in Bangalore: A melting pot of diverse ethnic group:

A small Ningol Chakauba event organized by a group of enthusiastic Meities in Bangalore successfully marked the seemingly meitei festival into a cross-culture event by bringing together members of other ethnic groups in the festivity. Close to 100 guests attended the luncheon held at the prestigious NGV Club premises in the heart of the city. The event was a sincere effort, devoid of any political motive to cohabit and celebrate the harmony within cultural diversity.

True to the essence of Ningol Chakauba, all the ‘ningols’ came adorned in best of their traditional attire- exquisite mix of ‘enaphi’ and choicest ‘Phanek’, some with kids tagged along and others much on their own. Nevertheless, all were welcomed and guided inside, making sure no one entered unattended. The much awaited feast, including classic dishes like ‘sareng thonba, shinju, ataoba thonba any many more were earnestly prepared by the volunteers themselves to retain the traditional touch. Aslo, in the most customary way, organizers ensured all the ‘ningol’ were presented with a small ‘dokhina’(gift) knowing very well that a Ningol Chakaoba is never complete without ‘Dokhina’ presented to the ‘ningol’.

“First time I have attended an event like this and I’ am really happy to be a part. Next year also I wish to attend” a non-meitei guest expressed his views when asked. “Event like this gives us an opportunity to meet, celebrate and introduce our customs and traditions to others” said a lady guest. Many guests echoed same views of replicating the success in coming years and organizing a bigger and better event. – Ms. Roopa, one of the ningols.



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