Policeman should not forget his obligation to serve: MK Das


IMPHAL, November 30: Police should be more accountable to public complaint in order to build a level of confidence in their mindset as at the end of the day if people feel secure and confident, the job of being police is fulfilled, said the outgoing DGP MK Das.

Speaking to media persons this morning at his office, the outgoing DGP whose service period came to an end today, dwelled into policing in Manipur and challenges ahead in maintaining the police-public relationship.

MK Das said being a police ‘everyday is a challenge’ and Manipur Police will continue to face many problems and new one will crop up but a policeman should not forget its foremost obligation to serve.

The DGP sees media as another vital organ that helps in every police function, “We really don’t know whether we are on the right direction or not, therefore an independent audits like the media helps any police functioning to stay on the right track”, he added.

He further divulged that he has given a slogan for the Manipur Police “We serve or we live to serve our country and countrymen” adding that the slogan will be put up in every police buildings including in Meetei Mayek script.

“Although putting up the slogan may take time, I wish the slogan be kept intact. As at the end of the day if people are secure and confidence the job of being police is done”, expressed the MK Das.

Observing the negative feelings of the public on seeing uniforms as an indication of the fading relationship between police and public, he exhorted the police to instil in the mind of the people that uniform is the part of the work culture of the police.

Sharing his experience during his short tenure as the DGP of Manipur, MK Das asserted that he had put public confidence into the forefront by becoming more accountable to their complaint adding that he wished that the trend continues even after his retirement.

He claimed that his department prioritised the complicated cases by speeding up investigation and solving as many cases as possible to live up to the expectation of the public. Around 24 people with arms related cases has been put behind bars including dismissal of erroneous security personnel involved in anti social activities he said adding that “Action has to be swift as justice delayed is justice denied”.

While responding to queries on the recent spurt of blasts in Imphal, he confided that the police have made significant break-through. All the investigation and the outcomes were kept low profile to ensure that no compromise was made with the course of the investigation.

He claimed that the police have managed to thwart handful of bombs planted in Imphal and also prevented bomb planting activities including the Pallel blast case. Terming such activities as unfortunate, he maintained that the act of exploding bomb was not an act of revolutionary.

Meanwhile, when queried whether reimposing AFSPA in seven Assembly segments of IMC areas on the pretext of deteriorating law and order problem in the state like the recent spurt of blasts, he responded that there were different views with regards to AFSPA imposition and further evaded to give his personnel view. However, he opined that Army fighting internal battle is not a healthy state of affairs.


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