Tribal students demand immediate implementation of pre-Metric scholarship


LAMKA, November 20: The chairman of the Manipur Tribal Students’ Association, Mumbai (MTSA-M) Suanlyan Tungnung in a press communiqué, handed out to the IFP today stated that, it has drawn the attention of the government of Manipur to look into the delay in implementation of centrally sponsored scheme of ‘pre-metric scholarship’ by the Tribal Affairs and Hills Department, Govt of Manipur and asked for action to implement it in 2013-14.

In their representation submitted to the chief secretary of Manipur, PC Lawmkunga through a special messenger today, the association has asked the chief secretary to look into the cause of the delay in the implementation of the centrally sponsored scheme of ‘pre metric scholarship for ST students studying in class IX and X of Manipur.

The association stated that, “The 100% centrally assistance scheme” was drawn by the govt. of India at the backdrop of Article 46 of Part IV of the Constitution of India enjoining upon the state govt to promote the educational and economic interests of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

It further stated that “the objective” of the scheme was to support parents of ST students so that the incidence of dropout, especially in transition from the elementary to secondary is minimized.

The association also pointed out that the scheme was already implemented by the Govt of India with effect from July 1, 2012 and this has been communicated to the Govt of Manipur, the dept of Tribal Affairs and Hills by Dr Sadhana Rout, joint secretary, Ministry of Tribal Affairs in a DO Letter No 19012/14/208-Education dated September 10, 2012.

Unfortunately, due to the apathy of the govt of Manipur, the scheme was not rolled-out in 2012-13 and not only that, there was no proposal till date that the scheme would be roll-out in the state for the year 2013-14.

The amount of scholarship was fixed at Rs 150/- per month for day scholars and Rs 350/- per month for hostellers for 10 months plus, books and adhoc grant of Rs 750/- and Rs 1000/- per annum for day scholars and hostellers respectively, it said.

This means, a scholar would be entitled to draw Rs 2250/- for day scholars, and Rs 4500/- for hostellers per annum, it said before adding that in addition, additional allowance for students with disabilities studying in private un-aided recognized schools was made available.

In this regard, the association has lamented the poor response of the state govt and draw the attention of the chief secretary of Manipur, to personally intervene into the matter to ask the department of Tribal Affairs and Hills, Manipur to what took them this long to announce the ‘Scheme” which can come to help thousands of Tribal students across the state.

The association has further said if the Scheme had been implemented today, thousands of poor family would have been benefited. However, the Scheme is not yet announced for 2013-14 which is worrisome for the people of Manipur, especially the tribal communities.

The communiqué further added that ‘it’s a high time the Department of Tribal Affairs & Hills, Govt of Manipur should put to end this discriminations and start working for the welfare of the people without favor.

It may be mentioned that, as told by Suanlian Tungnung of MTSA-M, the Association only recently submitted  a memorandum to the Minister of Tribal Affairs, Govt of India V Kishor Chandra Deo  and appraised  him on the ceiling impose by the state Govt in the centrally sponsor scheme of pre metric scholarship the Department of Tribal Affairs and  Hills Govt. of Manipur  and urged him to instruct the state Govt to pass on the benefit given by the Central Government 100% to the intended beneficiaries.


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