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URF to begin `Vision of 2014`

IMPHAL, October 23: Even though there have been daily killings in Manipur in recent times, people have started to distance themselves from such issues, said the proscribed United Revolutionary Front (Manipur).

In a press statement, the outfit has observed that the world over, people detest killings.

Since the start of this year, several outfits have been laying down their arms with separate party policies to enter the mainstream.

However, there has been aversion from several supporters of the outfits, it said.

The main objective of the URF is self-reliance and being competitive, the statement said before adding that today most countries have reached the peak of development, whereas experts opined that our land has lagged behind by about 20 years.

Bringing development is not an easy thing and in order to achieve this, the people should not be selective about their livelihood and be hard-working, it continued.

There are certain individuals who are feeling insecure as the URF started working for the development of the land with the support of the people and under the guideline of the agreement of the Indian and Manipur governments, the statement claimed.

It further opined that people who have turned the place into a den of corruption should be pointed out and eradicated fully.

Several statements were made before the central vigilance commissioner, New Delhi during his recent visit to the state to minutely scrutinise the issue of corruption in the state, it continued.

The moot question of the hour is whether to encourage development or not, it continued.

It further questioned whether the people shouldn’t find out how much funds for development are provided by the Indian government annually and why there is not much development in Manipur.

The outfit has further questioned the emerging disparity between the have’s and the have not’s.

Under its, ‘Vision of 2014’, the outfit said, it will select fields during the Rabi crop season and grow suitable crops in the selected fields.

It continued as the first part of its vision, the outfit has said that it has already initiated steps to select around 300 paris for cropping potatoes, mustard and pulses.

The outfit has also requested the horticulture and agriculture departments for the needed seeds and other instruments for which response is awaited, it said.



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