Advent X-mas at CCpur


CCPUR, Dec 14: The Good Samaritan Foundation today celebrated Advent Christmas ‘Phula-len’ with children.

The organizers said that as Christmas is a time for celebration and joy amongst the Christians as such they are celebrating particularly with the underprivileged children present to day who are orphans or had no one to look after them.

The celebration also wishes to bring hope, peace, smile, joy and love especially for the 50 underprivileged children who participated today

The Good Samaritan Foundation was founded by (L) Thienkhogin Haokip and a close friend to motivate others to help the helpless children.

The 50 children are given/presented gift for the coming charismas celebration on the occasion.

The day is celebrated every year on December 14, which had now come to be a big occasion and grand festival with contribution/ assistance from several generous persons which has acted as a balm for those children who are deprived of their childhood happiness.


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