All-political party meet reaffirms `united stand` on border impasse


IMPHAL, December 20: A meeting of the all political parties was held today at the residence of MLA RK Anand, convenor of the drafting panel, to discuss new developments about the disputed Indo-Myanmar border fencing issue.

Speaking to IFP, CPI state secretary, Dr M Nara, revealed that the meeting was convened taking serious note of the recent reports published in a daily newspaper alleging that the border fencing work is still continuing in defiance of the instruction of the Union Home Minister to halt all works until an amicable solution was brought about.

Dr M Nara further confided that the meeting reaffirmed its earlier decision to jointly work together in bringing an amicable solution to the issue irrespective of differences.

The meeting while acknowledging the issue as international, agreed on the facts that only bilateral level meeting can resolve the issue, he asserted.

Moreover, the gathering agreed to treat the issues as serious and strongly pledged not to deviate from the issue for their personnel gains.

During the meeting the memorandum copies recently submitted to the Prime Minister, Union Home Minister were distributed to the representatives of representatives of political parties. At the same time, the order copy issued by the Union Home Minister, giving instruction for halting the border fencing released on December 5 was also distributed.

The meeting was attended by representatives of AITC, MSCP, CPI, CPM, JD(S), JD(U), BSP, Shiv Sena, NPF, INC etc.


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