MPP capable of rising again: Party chief


IMPHAL, December 26: The oldest regional party of the state, the Manipur People’s Party has celebrated its 46th birth anniversary today. Scores of party leaders and workers attended the observation that took place at its party office and pledged to enact a renaissance to fulfill the glittering dreams of its founding leaders.

President of the party, N Sovakiran declared that MPP is not dead but merely suffered an electoral defeat. The party will regain its popularity and rule the state once again, he said.

The main reason for establishment of the party in 1968 was because many leaders were unhappy with the high command system of the Congress. He dubbed the Congress as a ‘slave party’ and alleged that state leaders have to wait for approval from the Central leaders for taking up any step on even local issues.

The state unit of the Congress has shown that it is incapable of acting on its own volition in many cases, including the molestation of a film artist at Chandel, border fencing row with Myanmar and assault of an elected public representative by an AR Major. If the MPP was at the helm of power then the assailant in the Chandel incident would be given befitting punishment, he added.  

United States of America is proud to have a minority president but MPP had achieved the distinguished feat of pushing up a minority leader much earlier by instating Alimmudin as the chief minister. Criticizing the falling standard among representatives of the legislative assembly, he claimed that dubious contractors with a history of haphazardly inferior work execution have been elected on the tickets of the ruling party. He urged the public to correctly identify these sorts of dangerous politicians from those who had become public servants to serve the people.

He stated that Manipur fits the bill of the epithet Switzerland of the East perfectly, but for all the wrong reasons. The European country is a haven for Indian leaders evading payment of their taxes and Manipur has also became a haven for criminals like drug smugglers during the mis-rule of the Congress, he alleged. He vowed to uproot the Congress government from Manipur.

Vice-president of MPP, N Ojit said the party has made fund allocations for re-organisation of the party in every district of Manipur. The process for the same will be accelerated after the anniversary observation, he added. Ojit compared the Ibobi government to a gang of contract killers and drew a conclusion that the MPP has no other option but to strengthen itself and regenerate its power in order to counter the debilitating effects of the mass scale corruption and heinous crimes committed by the administration.

The party will be holding campaign and sensitization programmes on its contribution for the well-being of Manipur, he said. Senapati district MPP unit has been constituted and the party will be planting its feet in Churachandpur district, he added.

Sovakiran later launched the party’s website which will store information and history of MPP.

Sovakiran, Dr L Chandramani, O Gujindro, N Ojit, M Amutombi,  L Apabi, celebration committee chairman, N Shinghajit, celebration committee convenor, Y Bhim, working committee member, Ak Sanaton, Working committee member, Y Thambal ex-MLA, Apao, in charge chief of Senapati were among the top notch party leaders present at the occasion.


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