Reproductive child health camp held at Thoubal


IMPHAL, December 26: A mega reproductive child health camp (RCH camp) for the pregnant woman living with HIV/AIDS was held today at the office of the CMO Thoubal.

The camp was organised by District Health Mission, Thoubal district under National Rural Health Mission.

During the camp, the CMO Thoubal, Dr Kh Radheshyam mentioned that 12 RCH camps will be held in Thoubal district out of which two camps are reserved for the people living with HIV/AIDS of both sexes adding that one such camp will be organised at Sugnu.

The CMO further stated that the RCH camp is being organised with the assistance of four doctors who will check up the health condition of the PLWHIV and provide medicines free of cost.

A PLWHIV woman said that she got a lot of benefit from the RCH camp adding that the ART consuming patients have been always facing the problem of vitamin deficiency and such deficiency could be compensated as the camp has provided various kinds of vitamins during the camp.

The woman further mentioned that other health related basic investigations were also conducted during the health camp.

She also mentioned that the social discrimination, that a PLWHIV experiences in the society have only added to their trauma sometimes creating suicidal tendency in some.

To cop up with this problem, a counselling centre is necessary in the district, she demanded.

She also narrated their grievances of not having ART doctors at the ART centre in the district has compelled them to visit RIMS or JNIMS thereby wasting time and money.

Taking advantage of expressing her point of view on social welfare schemes, the woman further demanded more emphasis to the widow benefit scheme of the Social Welfare Department to PLWHIV.


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