Villagers to celebrate X-mas in refuge


CCPUR, December 24: In what seem like a no ending woe for more then 100 villagers of Tuinuphai Village, as reported in IFP on the December 23 issue, who are holed up at UZO`S Zogal Hall at Zo-veng Lamka. The chief of Tuinuphai today call a press conference on the latest development.

Jamkholal who is the son of the chief Thongkhogin Lhungdim said that as per the DC`S order all 30 households, went to their village Tuinuphai today with escort team under the area police OC T Baite to settle in their village and celebrate their Christmas. But on reaching the place they were not allowed to enter vis a vis two persons who talked to the alleged claimer of Chiefship of Tuinuphai village Letsei Vaiphei.

He said that there are also B company of 11 Gurkha Regiment under the command of their Major who were inside the villages when the villager try go back to their villages. He added that the alleged claimant of chiefship had been already in truck with the Army men who are evasive to the plight of the villagers wandering and told them to wait outside the village. He continued and told them that Letsie Vaiphei told them that only selected person will have the privilege to had their Christmas celebration in the villages which was vehemently opposed by the other villages, who had been escorted to their villages, and so they decided to leave the village unless all are allowed to go inside their village.

The pressmen were also told that when the villager try to leave Letsei Vaiphei stop them forcefully on two occasions which were not taken kindly by the womenfolk present. At last with no apparent chance to enter their village, they all leave and come back to their shelter at Zogal Hall. Jamlholal also told that the OC inspector, who is the brother of sitting MP Thangso Baite, credibility was serious doubted by  them as he had sided with Letsei Vaiphai on two occasions in which Letsei lost his court case in relation to the chiefship.

The villagers claimed that they are now forced to have their Christmas celebration in their shelter at Zogal Hall due to the the partisanship of the men in uniform. The chief of Tuinuphai also stated that they had register FIR No 100+12(2003)CCP PS U/S506/323/427/34 IPC 25 at CCpur PS but till now no action was taken.

Sources also revealed that the chief Thangkhogin Lhungdim was seriously sick once and was financially help by Letsei Vaiphei and lent Rs 1 lakh. In this circumstances the chief claimed that he was once made to sign on one paper and since he was illiterate he dint know what is written in the paper, he says“ i asked him.Letsei, what is the content o the document and Letsei told me that it was a security for the money owed, but when the DC order change of chiefship we realized what transpired. We opposed the order and the matter was taken to the court twice and winning on both occasions.

It was also said on the press conference that two policemen, and one villagers, once went to village to take stock of the situation but the villager was beaten black and blue in front of the two policemen and had to be treated on his injury.

Grace Zamnu ,the lone women MDC of ADCC , who was present on the occasion told IFP that , It was sickening to see young boys and girls old and weak hole up in a hall with no apparent solution coming and their cherish Christmas celebration on jeopardy,she also say that she will do what she can to help the Villagers on humanitarian ground and call on other to do the same to east the plight of the villagers.


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