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MSME units a boon for Manipur`s rural folk

IMPHAL, January 12 (ANI): The Imphal Handloom Work shed cum rural showroom is one among several small scale enterprises in Manipur that provides training and employment to rural artisans.

The group, which is owned by M Jibonmala Devi, at present trains around 40 artisans in making handloom and handicraft products.

The final products are displayed in the showroom.

The group has come as a boon for the locals, especially the women folk and the youth, who are able to supplement their family income by utilizing the leisure time.

They are happy as they manage to earn around Rs.7000-8000 per month.

“There are so many youngsters who do not have work so instead of wasting time and doing nothing they should learn such handicrafts or handloom. So I called them all to train here. I want them to learn so that they can do something in the future and they can earn for their livelihood,” Devi said.

Borni Devi, an artisan, said: “This is very good, especially for the youngsters from this village. Those who do not have work should take up such kind of work so that they also get employment, and at the same time development will also take place in Manipur.”

The government has been regularly conducting skill and entrepreneurship development programmes to empower the rural population and encourage them to take up self-employment ventures.

There has been a significant development in the micro, small and medium enterprise sector in Manipur.

The National Small Industries Corporation has been organizing several expos in the state to provide a platform to such groups to showcase their products. Under the newly launched Northeast Textile Promotion Scheme, the department also intends to provide power looms at a 70 per cent subsidy.

The groups are also provided support for getting market exposure and participating in various exhibitions outside the state.

A total of Rs.14 crores has also been allotted for the development of handloom and handicraft sector during the remaining three years of the 12th 5 year plan.

O. Nabakeshwore Singh, Principal Secretary, Commerce and Industries, Government of Manipur, said: “People are looking for employment. They want to lead a peaceful life, they want employment and by taking up this cluster whether in handloom or food processing or handicraft people are gainfully engaged in some kind of productive activities. So it has a good effect on the social manage in the state and gradually our state is now moving towards the peaceful position and I am sure with the development of the entrepreneurship among younger people. We will have a peaceful and development in the near future.”

The growth of several MSME units in the state has helped in boosting the rural economy. Moreover, taking up such initiatives helps the youth to channelize their energy towards constructive work.



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