Uncle becomes main suspect in Oinam Sharif murder, nabbed


IMPHAL, January 4: Angry residents of Oinam Sawombung area today razed down the house of a man arrested in connection with the killing of his 12 year old nephew.

The locals formed a mob this morning soon after getting reports that the uncle of deceased Oinam Sharif alias Mubi, son of Goroba has been arrested by the police yesterday around 7 pm from near the local mosque in connection with the killing.

The accused has been identified as Oinam Tenden, 41 son of O Ibotombi of Oinam Sawombung Dam Awang Leikai.

Angry locals of Oinam Sawombung dismantled the properties of the accused uncle and then razed the house to the ground around 9.30 am today.

Meanwhile, the JAC formed in connection with the alleged killing has also decided to banish the accused and his family from the area and never to allow their entry into the locality.

The JAC had also decided that anyone found helping or sheltering the accused or his family will have to face the same consequences; voter ID cards, ration card of the accused’s family should also be handed over to the concerned authorities; and that the JAC would support and help the police in investigating the case.

It has also appealed to all civil organisations to support them in their endeavour in demand of justice for the victim family.

It may be mentioned that the 12 year old boy was found dead from among the thick overgrowth along the Imphal River bank some 200 meter on the northern side of the Imphal Barrage with a wide injury mark on his abdomen at around 1.30 pm of December 29, 2013 under Wangoi Police Station, Imphal west.


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