Discussion on International humanitarian law and AFSPA held


BISHNUPUR, February 7: A one-day discussion on International Humanitarian Law and Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 was held at Heinoubok Awang Play Ground, Namoikhul in Bishnupur district.

HAWWA, SAVE, LFC, NEDF, ARDWE, IKL, LDA, IWNML, SBNL have jointly organised the function in which Dr Dhanabir Laishram, U Nobokishore, convenor of North East Dialogue Forum, WAD secretary Sobita Mangshatabam, CSD senior Coordinator Rebatiraman attended as presidium members.

During the function, Dr Dhanabir mentioned that the life of the human being is very precious adding that a person lives only once in his lifetime and living ends with the coldness of dead which also occurs only once in a lifetime.

He added that a person should enjoy his life to the fullest and said that it’s ironic that a person who has been given the polio vaccine in his or her infancy to avoid infantile paralysis, provided free education including free lunch in the school are on its contrast killed on suspicion, girls raped in this democratic system under the provision of AFSPA.

A mass movement is the need of the hour for the removal of this infamous AFSPA , he asserted before adding that immense presence of people are obvious when there occur confiscation of liquor and consequent dishonour of a liquor vendor , dismantling of one’s house for making inappropriate advances to a woman or sometimes being excommunicated from one’s locality etc. However, people are not interested and even disunited in the movement for AFSPA removal.

He further said that there is law of war according to Geneva Convention which should be maintained by the combatants adding that insurgent groups are not allowed to serve summon notice to anybody and rape women. But there is confusion among the people as there are many armed insurgent groups operating in the state which are non signatory to Geneva Convention. He also mentioned that violating international humanitarian law is not a democratic practice.


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