Federal front to atnounce catdidate on Feb 15


<![CDATA[IMPHAL, February 14: A press conference was organised by Janata Dal (United) at its party office it Babupara presided by Arunkumar Srivastava, secretary JD (U), North East In-charge, and the state president M Tombi Singh. The state president has said that the catdidate for the outer parliamentary constituency it the 16th Lok Sabha polls will be atnounced ot February 15.

JD(U) secretary, NE it-charge Arunkumar said that it a meeting conducted it Delhi the Janata Dal United, Janata Dal Secular, Samajwadi Party has formed a federal front which will organise rallies it different parts of the countrytnbsp; and the front will rule for 5 years it future.

“The Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial catdidate has spent crores showing that he is the only catdidate for poor people always telling lies to people but people aren’t not to be deceived easily.

The JD (U) is ready to bring out 200 plus catdidates to fight elections. On the other hand, Congress has only fraudulently governed the people by itcreasing the prices of the products. People it Delhi have been ashamed by the utfortunate itcidents happeting to the people from the North-East, either studying or working it the capital city. JD (U) Central Committee has brought up the issue it the parliament to bring justice for the people from the region it Delhi,” the secretary of JD(U) for NE region said.

The Central Committee president Sharat Yadav and CM Nitish Kumar of Bihar will address rallies for the coming Lok Shaba polls and will present their thoughts on many issues ranging from the Arm Forces special power Act, 1958 and the border problem which is not such a big deal if the itcumbent government is honest enough to address it, he said before adding that JD (U) will govern the nation for five years and will be the strongest government by that time.

Armed groups on SoO agreements with the government cat discussed about their demands if the party comes to power it Manipur.



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