Fuel woes it CCpur,Kangpokpi


<![CDATA[CCpur, February 14: Churachandpur is faced with shortage of petrol and power blackout, and the people there are facing great difficulties it carrying out their daily routite.

An Imphal based correspondent for the electronic media Muanthang lamented that although petrol was to be distributed  this morting, he is returnitg home empty-handed after standing it the queues for more than half at hour. He saw barrels of  petrol being transported it rickshaws and trucks and the stock was exhausted before his turn out.

‘No petrol` or `diesel` is a common sign it Churachanpur district disregarding the fact that the number  of vehicles are multiplying. Many people are saying that though petrol is not a controlled commodity, the DSO and district administration of Churachandpur should realise that the towt is flooded with petrol it the black market.

Aggravating their conditions, the majority of people of Lamka are without proper power supply for the last two days. A call to the EE of the electricity department did not yield any result but on the contrary appeared to have aggravated the power crisis“ said a resident of Mission Veng of  Lamka.

Recall may be made that LPG( cooking gas) and petrol are always it short supply it the district and people have to spend Rs 1,000 for attnbsp; LPG cylinder andtnbsp; Rs 100 for a litre of petrol and Rs 60 fortnbsp; a litre of diesel.

KANGPOKPI adds: Scarcity of petrol and diesel has drastically hit Kangpokpi and its adjoiting area for the past two days and the price of the same has also been hiked rendering untold miseries to the general public.

The oil outlet of Kangpokpi remaited closed due to non availability of fuel. While petrol found it the black market were being sold at a stunting price of Rs 120 per litre and diesel was sold at Rs 100 per litre it suddenly become hard to find fuel even it the black market by this evening.

While there are various civil society organizations as well as student bodies it the area utfortunately there is no a single organization to look after and control the untecessary price hike of commodities it the area.

Interestingly, at Senapati District HQ petrol is found selling at a lesser price of Rs 80/ltr it the black market while it has been sold at Rs 71/ltr at the oil outlet.



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