`Lack of understanding leads to panic buying`


IMPHAL, February 28: Panic buying is triggered due to the lack of understanding amonsgt the public, said Moirangthem Okendro Minister CAF and PD during the discussion on the public interest on the problem of escalation of price of essential items in the wake of bandh and blockade.

The public interest motion was moved by Andro MLA, Th Shyamkumar, today on the fifth day of the ongoing session of Manipur Legislative.

Minister M Okendro, clarified that petroleum is control by the IOC and the PDS by the Food Co-operation of India (FCI) adding that the state has 10 Public Distribution Centres and we need to have good relationship between FCI and IOC, said Okendro.

He said that the fuel scarcity being faced by the state is man-made one and the only solution to this menace is the public understanding. While pointing out the requirement during normal days, Okendra said that the state needs only 775 KL of petrol, diesel 3375 KL and LPG for and ATF for the aircraft.

Coupled with the opening of regional office in our state recently with the FCI godown at Sapermeina area and completion of the Malom godown, there will no panic buying in the state.

Moreover, he divulged that the chamber of commerce has agreed to cut down 5 percent for value added tax (VAT).

The government has planned to set up FCI godown in every district.


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