Low commercial registration in Ukhrul


By R Lester Makang

Ukhrul, Feb 28:  The  lack of awareness has been a major drawback to the progress of business registration in Ukhrul town.

“There are several benefits of being a government registered shop but due to acute lack of awareness amongst the business community here, response to the call for registration has been discouraging as usual,“  said an official of the Ukhrul Autonomous District Council (ADC), while adding that this is vital for running day-to-day business as per the government regulations.

The official stated that  while every registered trader is liable to pay a small monthly tax of Rs. 40 to Rs. 55 depending upon the size of their business, in times of any calamity causing damages to their business/trade they are entitled to compensation/assistance from the government side among others. Meanwhile, a notification issued by Ukl ADC has said that registration of every commercial/entrepreneurial venture in and around the town is mandatory as provided under Section 33 (a) and (e) of  the Manipur (Hill Areas) District Council Act 1971.

It has called for registration of the district`s entreprenuersfrom February 1 to 28 last.  According to ADC, the number of shops registered since 2006 till January this year is only 49 out of hundreds of shops/businesses in the town, thus it has also notified to these shops to renew their respective license to avoid cencellation.

“But the response has been disheartening as only few turned up for the process,“ it added.


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