Manipur Chak-hao and U-Morok delight delegates at Nagpur fair


By Bimol Okram

NAGPUR, February 12: The Manipuri indigenous food items Manipur Chak-chao and U-Morok have delighted the delegates of different states at the ongoing Krishi Basant Fair 2014 at Central Institute for Cotton Research (CICR), Nagpur.

Several of the delegates have requested the Central Agriculture University (CAU), Imphal to send Chak-hao and U-Morok seeds.

The rice farmers of other states looked with delight at Chak-hao Amubi as if they have never seen it in their life.

One visitor had surprisingly asked whether the colour of the rice could be washed off.

The Manipur media team accompanying the stater farmers witnessed that the CAU Imphal stall had the largest number of visitors than any other stalls at the farmers’ fairs in which the Manipur’s orange, lemon, pineapple, lotus stem, Yongchak, orchids etc are also displayed.

The CAU team leader, Dr M Premjit, director, Extension Education expressed his happiness for his participation in the biggest agricultural fair of the country and added that the farmers of other states have expressed their delight over seeing Chak-Hao and U-Morok of Manipur.

He further mentioned that the officials at the Manipur stall have even found it hard to answer all the queries from the visitors concerning Chak-hao, U-Morok and Lotus stem.

The visitors has demanded for seeds of the items so that they could experiment with at their respective states, he said.

Dr Premjit further said that the farmers of other state including from the host city of Nagpur further expressed their surprise on the taste of the Manipuri Orange which is far better in taste than the orange of Nagpur which is known as the capital of orange in India.

He added that the farmers participating in the Krishi Fair also have the inclination to plant the Manipur variety of turmeric which has more kurkumine content.

National awardee, Soibam Surchandra of Hiyangthang Mamang Leikai who is participating in the farmers’ fair said that he has been sponsored by MANAGE, ministry of Agriculture, government of India, Hyderabad in recognition of his achievement.

Further expressing happiness over his participation in such a big fair, he said he is lucky to be in the fair.

He further mentioned that he is exhibiting Pengba reproduction.

Surchandra further expressed that he would like to spread this fish variety to other parts of the country so that the demand of the fish could be met with.

Wahengbam Ibotombi of Sagolband Moirang Leirak who is participating in the fair with the sponsorship of Agri Clinic and Agri Business Scheme, ministry of Agriculture said that he is happy for participating in the fair.


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