MPP condemns state government for its part at tripartite talk


IMPHAL, February 7 (NNN): As the state government of Manipur chose to remain tight-lipped regarding the talks on the United Naga Council (UNC)`s demand for `Alternative Arrangement`,  the Manipur Peoples’ Party (MPP) today strongly condemned the act of the state government.

The UNC, the Central government and the Government of Manipur had held the 7th round of talks on the UNC`s demand for `Alternative Arrangement` in Senapati on Thursday.

Interacting with the media, the MPP spokesperson H. Nabashyam heavily came down on the state government’s incompetent behavior of not revealing the details of the discussion held.

He said that the feelings of the media fraternity as well as the public are compromised whereby creating chaos and confusion among the different communities existing in the state.

The Nagas have been demanding for `Alternative Arrangement` in the state and the matter has been kept pending since the wake of the year 2010. The demand of the Nagas started in the year 2010 when they had sought for reformation of the laws and acts of the Autonomous District Council (ADC) elections just before the same was held in that year.

Not paying any heed to the Naga’s cry, the state government had gone ahead with the ADC election with the previous laws and regulations and not giving any concern to the Naga’s outcry.

“The reasons for not fulfilling the demands were not highlighted, nor their alternative plans for the Naga people constituted before them. In fact, the government had underestimated the feelings of the Naga people”, Nabashyam pointed out.

At this juncture, seeing the indifferent behaviour of the state government towards the Nagas, UNC had termed the O. Ibobi government as communal and resolved to demand for an arrangement.

This had aroused the need to seek for an alternative arrangement from the government, for which already six rounds of talks have been held excluding the most recent one yesterday.

Even in yesterday’s talk, which was also participated by the state ministers as delegates, the state government has kept mum on the inside story of the talk and the details unpublished.

Nabashyam maintained that the problem lies in the state government as they always take issues concerned with the people for granted and play with the sentiments of the public who suffer at large.

As always, the government has kept the people aloof from their design of thoughts which would happen as every problem or grievances brought up before them are concealed from developing amicable solutions which would  lessen the grief of the people, he added.

It does not only concern the solution of the Naga people in question, but any problems sought for solutions forwarded by any organizations in the state have been served with the same attitude and outlook, he added.

“What is even more painful is the reason of the silence maintained by the state government which in turn is creating more chaos and confusion among the people and hence gives rise to greater state problems”, the MPP leader observed.

This collective behavior of the government keeping silent has created even more unsolvable issues, he added.

As such, the government seeking the centre’s assistance politically and financially will not put an end to the state issues, but will even make the matter bigger and intense, he said.

The various issues of corruption and chaos happening in the state are the consequences of their evil designs, he alleged while recalling the distress created among the people concerned due to the Loktak Lake issue which happened few months back.


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