Muslim bodies` call for Modi boycott is politically motivated, says Chaoba


IMPHAL, February 1: The proposed arrival of BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has already created much flutter in the state’s political scenario with several Muslim bodies declaring boycotting of the visit in the state and the BJP and other Muslim bodies opposing and condemning the decision.

BJP and other Muslim bodies today condemned the boycott of Modi’s maiden visit to the state on January 8, 2014.

Several Muslim bodies including Jamiatul Ulema, Manipur (Arshad Madani) and the Muslim Social Workers’ Union had declared that the visit would be boycotted and any Muslim leader rying to help Narendra Modi will also be boycotted. The BJP state president today chaired a press conference at the party office against the boycott.

As if showing the show of support, several Muslims supporters of the party were witnessed chanting against the boycott of Narendra modi.

Suggesting political influence or motivation behind the attack on the high profile visit, state BJP president Th Chaoba said that the BJP has never neglected or hated the minorities.

Deploring the call, he said that during the long rule by the Congress both in the state and the centre, the people have been much deprived of electricity, water, etc.

He added once the BJP comes to power the situation would be much better.

BJP Bharatiya Minorities Morcha, member and politician from Mayang Imphal, Abdul Salam deplored that the boycott call was made for a few individual gain.

He said the few people who have raised the boycott call have today spoiled the name of the entire Muslim community of the state.

He further declared that there no boycott of Narendra Modi’s visit to the state from any Muslim of the state.

He further appealed to all against boycotting the BJP prime ministerial candidate and to take up steps only after proper consultation.

BJP Bharatiya Minorities Morcha, president, Nashir Hushain elaborated that the said organization don’t exist.

He said the names of the organisations have been checked but are found to be bogus.

While further declaring that the Supreme Court had provided a clean shit to Narendra Modi against all charges, he further appealed against provoking communal tension.


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