`State farmers should be exposed to new technologies`


By Bimol Okram

NAGPUR, February 11: A team of around 200 farmers of the state today led by the state Agriculture sameti director Mayangbam Gojendro visited the Krishi Basant 2014 at Central Institute for Cotton Research Complex, Nagpur.

The state farmers’ team studied the various displays at the stalls, life crop demonstration farms, mechanised farming stalls, etc.

Later, speaking to the Manipur media team covering the fair Gojendro said that there is a pressing need to revolutionise the farming techniques in Manipur for which the farmers need to be educated on the new and modern techniques of farming.

The farmers of the state should be exposed to the new techniques and development witnessed in the field of farming in the developed states of the country, he said and added that keeping this in mind the present exposure trip was organised.

It is the firm belief of the department that the farmers on their return from the trip will put the techniques they have been exposed to during the trip and help others educate on the modern techniques, he said.

The state team include farmers from all nine districts of the state, he said.

Today, farming has been reduced to a loss inducing business in Manipur, he said.

And most importantly, due to the decrease in the number of people willing to work in the fields, expenditure on farm hands has increased manifold, he said. In such a situation, the need for introduction of mechanised farming in the state has also increased, he observed.

If the farming expenditures decrease while the production increases, it will be beneficial to the farmers, he continued.

It is also the time for the farmers to practice double farming, he said.

He said the farmers should plant crops during the off-season too, instead of keeping the farms empty.

In the winter season, the farmers can plant different kinds of maize, sunflowers, etc in their farms, he elaborated.

Since, most farmers of the state have small farms, they need machines to increase their products, and under schemes like the state Agriculture department’s farm mechanisation, National Food Security Mission and RKVY, the government is trying to provide the machineries in reduced price, he said.

Mayanglambam Gojendro further said that if the farmers of the state are provided with the required machineries and other items, the agriculture sector in the state will see much development.

A member of the team from the state attending the fair, a progressive farmer from Nambol Kha Thong, Bishnupur district, Wahengbam Kesho said after during the off season, he plants seasonal crops like cucumber, watermelon, maize, etc in his farm.

He further expressed gratitude to the government and the department for organising such educational and beneficial trip for the farmers of the state; and added that after going back to Manipur, he will educate other farmers of the state on the new technologies that he has witnessed during the trip.

Manipuri traditional pung cholom was showcased as part of the cultural program during the third day of the fair today.


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