TKS appeals all units to ensure free passage at NH-150


<![CDATA[IMPHAL, February 15: At the backdrop of the news item published in most of the English local daily about the threat posed by the splitter and bogus group under Emboi Serto, the Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong (TKS) the apex hill based Students` Unlon of Ukhrul district is compelled to give out this press communique to dispel confusion arising out of utfounded statement givet in the newspaper by a splitter group based in Senapati district under the itfluence of some cabinet Ministers.

Conveying it in a press release, it said that as atnounced earlier the TKS will oppose tooth and nail agaitst the imposition of Economic blockade as the charter of demands has already been placed by the All Tribal Students` Union Manipur under the leadership of MUAN TOMBING& VAREIYO SHATSANG on November 25, 2014 at CM Chamber whereas, having reached an understanding between the tribal leaders and the GoM for conceding to the charter of demands within six months with effect from Nov 25, 2013. Launching of economic blockade without an official talk is ridiculous and utfounded. It is also to let others aware of the fact that files are being moved in the secretariat to materialize the charter of demands.

Further, the TKS does not recognise Emboi Serto splitter group because it is a formation of only one district without the mandated consent and knowledge of the federating units of ATSUM which characteristic by convention is the 5 hill district based Students` organization, it said.

History repeats itself for fools and there is a premonition that the destiny of the Tribal will be decided by the contract work mongers who had exchanged `the privileges and rights of the tribal with contract works. Emboi Serto group and illegitimate individuals have been in the organization for more than 2/3 tenure and despite the fact that they are not recognized by the present organizations they still want to be in the organization with ulterior motives. As such the public in general should not be misled or confused which group is mandated and legitimate. The TKS will keep a strict vigil of the movement of Serto group within the jurisdiction of the TKS. President/secretary of all the units of TKS are therefore instructed to keep a strict vigil to ensure free passage at NH-150, it said.



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