Village inaugurated


CCPUR, Feb 8: Minister of Health and CAA Phungzathang Tonsing today officially inaugurated a new village ‘Tongdam village’ (Siangsibok Machek).

The village was established in 2011.

Today’s function was also attended by Langkhanpau Guite, chairman ADCC,as chief host; GS Haupu MLA Singngat a/c as functional president; Manglianthang , president United Zou Organisation (UZO) as guest of honour.

EM ADCC H Mangchinkhup Guite and Tongkai Baite, MDC, ADDC also attended the function.

The newly inaugurated village lies on the eastern side of Lamka town and is about two kms from Lamka proper.

The chief of the village Khaichinmang said that the village as of now has around 30 houses.


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