AMJWU delegates reach Silicon Valley


IMPHAL, March 26: The Vice-president of the All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMJWU) and North-east India Federation of Journalists (NIFJ) Ratan Luwangcha and the standing committee member of AMJWU Asem Bhakta Singh reached Bangalore on Wednesday to participate in a national executive meeting of the Indian Journalists Union.

Karnataka Journalists Union is playing hosts to the two-day long meeting in Bangalore starting from March 27 with representatives from various state units of IJU participating. The meeting will discuss issues such as attacks on scribes, implementation of wage board in all the states, working conditions of journalists and their social security.

The two delegates from the state will put forward the hardships faced by journalists, their working conditions and remunerations at the meeting. Vice-president Ratan Luwangcha will also present in a state report the various steps taken by AMJWU after the NEC meeting of IJU at Assam’s Barpeta Road last year. AMJWU has entrusted to the duo the responsibility of drawing attention of the national body in letting the state’s scribes avail the same rewards enjoyed by their counterparts across the country. They will also broach the idea of conducting regular journalists training programs or workshops in the state at the national meeting.

Ratan Luwangcha has also been entrusted to get the permission of conducting a national level meeting of the Indian Journalists Union, affiliated to the international federation of journalists, which is a national level union with the maximum numbers of members.


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