Bishnupur police seize IMFL


IMPHAL, March 29: The Bishnupur police seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor worth around one lakh rupees and arrested five individual including a women during last few days.

The arrested individuals have been handed over to the excise department Bishnupur today.

Speaking to the media persons at Bishnupur Excise department, O Kulachandra, Excise Inspector Bishnupur said that the Indian Made foreign liquor and Local made liquor were seized by the personnel of Bishnupur Police under the instruction of N Herojit Superintendent of police Bishnupur since the past few days in and around Bishnupur Bazar Area in connection with the upcoming 16 Lok Shaba Election.

Lauding the district police for extending their co-operation in assisting the special drive against selling of liquor, the OC asserted that with the help from the police they are able to round up huge quantity of liqour.

He further informed that the excise department has also conducted their drive at various places of the district including Naikhong, Nachou Ningthoukhong and Warok and maaged to recovered 23 litres of locally brewed liquor besides IMFL.


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