Congress has achieved much development in 10 years: Dy CM


IMPHAL, March 4: The government led by the Congress has implemented several developmental facilities for the welfare of every section of the country’s citizens and development of the country. And in order to avail the facilities provided under such acts, schemes, policies, etc of the government, there is a need to create awareness amongst the people.

This was stated by deputy chief minister Gaikhangam while attending a membership enrolment drive of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee Youth Wing at Keishamthong community hall.

The drive was organised by the local youth Congress committee.

He continued unless the awareness amongst the public is created, all efforts of the government will go down the drain.

The Congress is a democratic and secular party and it is a fact that the party has continued to remain as strong as ever, he continued.

And for the party to continue remaining strong, the youth brigade of the party has a lot to accomplice, the MPCC president elaborated.

He further appealed to the youth to find out the general perception of the public towards the government so as to make the development schemes of the government to make more effective.

Elected representatives should not deceive the public’s confidence in them and should be transparent in their functioning.

In the last ten years of being in power, the party has achieved much development, he asserted.

Elaborating further, he continued, the Congress government has provided right to work to the public in the form of the National Rural Employment Gurantee Act and the right to information in the form of the RTI.

He continued that the right to food of the people have been provided by the Food Security Act.

There is no other party which can replace the Congress, said the MPCC president.

The party workers have maintained a strong decorum with the public throughout the year by organising several functions and program in a bid to alleviate the welfare of the public unlike other parties that become vocal only at the times of the elections, he observed.

Youths play an important role in the upliftment of a society, so proper ideas and the right perspective should be provided to the youths of the state to enable them become good leaders in the future, he said.


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