Dr Nara starts campaign from Ima Keithel


IMPHAL, March 28: The common candidate of the Left and Secular Alliance and secretary of CPI Manipur State Council, Dr M Nara kicked off his election campaign at the crowded Khwairamband Keithel today.

Marking the start of his campaign Dr Nara and his supporters worship the deity of the market complex and interacted with women vendors of the entire four market complex.

Enquiring on the hardships being faced by the vendors, Dr M Nara assured to look into the plight of the women and work for their welfare if elected in the ensuing 16th Lok Sabha election.

Noting that the Khwairamband Nupi Kheitel is the only market place in the world exclusively for women, Dr M Nara claimed that his party (CPI) has always been working to preserve the integrity of the market place till date.

He recalled that it was the CPI was introduced in the state by late Hijam Irabot who guided the Nupilal.

Further expressing his party’s concerned for the women folk, he pointed out that Geeta Mukherjee of CPI had also voiced her concerned on several occasions in the Parliament.

Questioning the concerned of the ruling party, he alleged that injustice has been done to the women vendors.

He maintained that police are unleashing their wrath against the street vendors who are selling their vegetables to make their ends meet besides alleging favourtism in distribution of license to street vendors.

Appealing the women folk to give their valuable votes in his favour, Dr M Nara assured to work for the welfare of the deserving women.


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