Indira resigns from BJP, cites nepotism


IMPHAL March 4: Oinam Indira who was in the fray for the BJP ticket in the 16th Lok Sabha Election has officially resigned from the BJP on Tuesday.

In a press meet at the Manipur Press Club, she alleged that BJP indulged in corruption while giving the ticket and discriminates against old workers who also happen to be women.

She said that she loved the BJP but realised that favouritism and nepotism exist within the party.

“Assuming the BJP as the only national party which can deliver justice, respected and backed women, and anti corruption being one of its election planks, I regarded the BJP and always followed their ideology and naively thought that the party is concerned about their workers equally but faced injustice and favouritism within the party. The party high command gave the ticket for the inner parliamentary candidate of BJP in the upcoming election to a rich candidate who has only recently joined the party. This shows that BJP is discriminating against women and violates the rule of 33 percent reservation for women.”

After discussing with supporters thrice, the final decision was taken to leave the BJP. This was my workers’ decision to leave the BJP. The party claims to fight for women and the poor; it discriminates against its own workers; how far the party can serve the poor people in the future, she added.

Exclaiming that she wanted to contest the Lok Sabha polls for the people as per people’s wishes and not for herself, she clarified that no decision was yet taken to joint any party for contesting the elections.

She also alleged that national leaders don’t take the reports in the local media seriously and sidelined issues of Manipur as less important.


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