Kuki CSOs: No tax payment to GPRN/NSCN/KTU


KANGPOKPI, March11: The Kuki Civil Society Organizations including Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills and its frontal organizations, Sadar Hills Women Union, KSO-Sadar Hills and area wise Kuki Chief Association within Sadar Hills collectively and unanimously resolved today during a general body meeting held at Kangpokpi not to endorse and give any type of taxes or donation to any organizations rather than KNO/UPF.

The Kuki CSOs within Sadar Hills also resolved to ban collection of any taxes or any types of donation in any Kuki inhabited areas within Sadar Hills Manipur by any other organization except those organization under the umbrella of KNO and UPF.

The civil bodies while making clear that there is no such organization in the name of Kuki Tribal Union under the umbrella of KNO and UPF said that they do not acknowledge the existence of KTU under GPRN/NSCN therefore the Kukis will be able to give any types taxes or donation in the name of KTU-GPRN/NSCN.

The agenda of KTU in collecting taxes from Kuki villages signifies transparently the communal attitude of GPRN/NSCN pointed out the Kuki CSOs during the meeting and asserted that “any Kuki village will never pay any type of taxes to GPRN/NSCN and its constituent units or frontal organizations” is the standpoint of the CSOs of Kukis in Manipur.

During the meeting, the Kuki CSOs also reaffirmed that the Kukis in Manipur will abide and followed the “Joint Declaration” framed by KNO and UPF.

The Joint Declaration stated that KNO/UPF welcomes any individual or organization who comes in the mainstream of KNO/UPF but will always be against and never accept any individual or organization based or affiliated in any other organization rather than KNO/UPF.

The declaration further said that such organizations or individual will not be entitled to collect any type of taxes or donation in any Kuki inhabited areas.

The Kuki CSOs further pointed out that the Government of the Peoples Republic of Nagalim Official Authorization Ref.No. 08 dated 20/02/14; President (Yaruiwo) GPRN Orders, Oking  3/5/2012 signed by Isak Chishi Swu; GPRN Chief Principal Secretary dated Oking, 10 June 2010(Official Correspondence) signed by Samson Jajo and GPRN Ministry of Chaplee Affairs dated Oking, the 16th June 2010 (Authorization Order) signed by Q.Awomi, Secretary, Chaplee Affairs and orders issued by K.Joseph, the Dy.Secy. Chaplee Affairs reflects a design to sow seeds of discords among the Kuki and Naga by using Kuki Tribal Union(KTU) for collection of taxes to Kuki villages.

The collective leadership of the Kukis living in the area outrightly reject the orders of GPRN and solicits to withdraw and cancell its orders with immediate effect for long lasting peace and harmony among the two communities.

The Kuki CSOs reminded the GPRN that the Kukis are peace loving people and urged the GPRN to mind and check their tongue in the name of KTU in future course so as to avoid any communal tension or else be held responsible for the same.


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