Longing for freedom


By RK Lakhi Kant

Do we get freedom by restricting others’ freedom;
Does freedom mean that: only one way to get it?
Or does freedom have more appropriate descriptions?
Those which do not impinge on other ways of thinking.

And is there a common freedom which everyone wants;
I guess so; but how to institutionalize this freedom is not known;
Our democracy rants and raves on freedom; but look closer,
There is hardly any agreeable substance because of democracy.

How can those who are beyond the harsh do’s and don’ts
Subscribe to shallow affirmations and negations;
Will it pain to find that our mentors who shaped our minds,
Are at a loss when it comes to answering difficult queries.

Is their promise genuine or just a framework given to us,
Within which we should fall if at all we want a free life;
Everything comes to a nought when we are forced to bargain,
On a freedom that looks elusive and rash.

And peace? Don’t vow by it when it is still an unsolved equation;
Instead, have a heart, don’t make plans to hurt the multitudes;
Just because nationalism the world over has gone berserk;
Listen! Ashamed we are in India to think in terms of violence.
They settle for a peace which in the background is nuclear;
Holding on to threats of annihilation they proclaim peace for all;
Any objections on this matter unsettle them, they – our rulers;
Such little faith in peace: they deal out war on short notice.


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