Maring Uparup Assembly resolves to support NPF candidate


IMPHAL, March 29: The Maring Uparup Assembly in a public meeting held on March 28, 2014 had unanimously resolved to support Soso Lorho, the candidate set up by the Naga People`s Front for the coming II –Outer Manipur Parliamentary election, it said in a press release from Maring Uparup Assembly.

It further said that the resolution was taken in conformity with the declaration of the presidential council meeting of the United Naga Council held on March 19, 2014 on the 16th Lok Sabha Elections in II-Outer Manipur (ST) Parliamentary Constituency election scheduled to be held on the April 9, 2014.

The public meeting was attended by representatives of UNC led by its vice-president TS Warngam and general secretary G Gaidon Kamei and about 2000 delegates representing frontal organisations, village authorities, women and youths it said and added that leaders of the Maring Naga Tribe took the following resolutions that, each and every village headed by respective village authority should abide and implement the above declaration in letter and spirit; that, any individual who violates this declaration shall own up responsibility for any consequence that may arise thereafter and henceforth, no political party or independent candidate other than the Naga People`s Front candidate and party workers shall be allowed to campaign in the Maring Naga area, it said.

Leaving aside political affiliations, personal relation and sectarian interests, all the Marings must rally around the candidate in the greater interest of the Naga people, the press release said.


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