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Molvom VA condemns killing of driver

KANGPOKPI, March 9: Terming the killing of Tata Winger driver Monas Ali from Assam at the hillock of J Molvom village as draconic act J Molvom Village Authority condemned the gruesome killing of Monas Ali in the strongest term today.

Jangthang Kipgen, chief of J Molvom Village said that the unfortunate incident has really moved the entire village and condemned it in the strongest term.

The killing of Monas Ali in the land of J Molvom village is only to trigger hatred and violence towards the village by the unknown persons and J.Molnom VA and its villager have nothing to do with the incident.

While urging all concerned not to be misguided by such unacceptable inhuman activities which the VA termed “Draconic Act” Jangthang Kipgen futher expressed heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family of the deceased driver, his relatives and dear ones.

“We felt very unfortunate and share deep sorrow to the Deceased family and relatives” he said.

The J Molvom Village Authority also appealed to all individuals not to repeat such activities considering the simple and hard struggle of a common man in delivering public services.        



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