Nongpok Sekmai locals decry grenade attack


IMPHAL, March 3: Villagers of the surrounding areas of Nongpok Sekmai have today condemned the placing of a grenade inside a room of the local Veterinary office used by labourers engaged in road repairing work yesterday.

Unidentified miscreants had left a grenade inside a room of the office used by labourers who were engaged in the black topping of the road from Yairipok to Nonpok Sekmai.

Condemning the act, the locals convened a public meeting and sought clarification from the concerned party.

Starting from this early morning locals converged at the local Doctor Ground condemning the incident.

During the public meeting, the local bazar remained deserted with all shops and vendors remaining close.

Logs were placed on the road blocking commuters.

Villagers of Sikhong, Sikhong Khunbi, Sikhong Muslim, U Khongshung, Ingourok, Lourembam, Aripat, Sikhong Khunou, Toubul Lilkekhong attended the meeting.

The locals also held placards reading “don’t destruct public property,” “Complete road maintenance work,” “don’t disturb black topping process” etc.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, the locals had also arrived at certain resolutions which including demanding clarification from the concerned outfit, urging the concerned contractors to continue with the road maintenance work and for the locals to provide all possible help to the maintenance work.


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