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Police takes initiative to clean CCpur town

CCPUR, March 29: In their initiative for ‘clean and green Lamka’, the Ccpur police on Saturday morning started cleaning the street by sweeping the Lamka town at Tuibuang bazaar area. The exercise of the police, being the first of its kind, was lauded by the onlookers and denizens.

The volunteers, comprising of VDF, Traffic Police and police personnel, swept and disposed of the dirt under the leadership of Additional S P and O C of Ccpur. Sources saud that this was the first initiative and the police will continue their exercise when and where it is needed with the availability of time as the force is mostly preoccupation due to the upcoming parliamentary election.

Many shop keepers on the way applauded the works of the Ccpur police with the objective of making a change or transforming Lamka town which is fast emerging as a big town. The OC Ccpur, on the occasion, requested the shopkeeper, verbally through the media persons, to support the initiative of the police department and further appealed to maintain at least one dustbin in front of their shops.

An Officer, on condition of anonymity, said that it is their plan to make the town clean and habitable; and added that irrespective of whatsoever said about it, they will continue their objective with the help and support of the general public.

The police had used one truck where they disposed of the dirt that they collected and at the same time they requested the public to support them by collecting their waste in one place or bind them together which will be of great help to their effort.

It may be mentioned that, in the recent past, the OC CCpur M A Salam and his team did such exercise, thrice, thought not in a big scale.



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