Public meeting on IHL held


BISHNUPUR, March 6: A public meeting on International Humanitarian Law and Crimes against Humanity in the context of Manipur was organised by Integrated Rural Development Centre, Sunusiphai on Thursday at Sunusiphai Awang Community Hall.

M Ibocha Singh pradhan; T Rajen Singh upa pradhan of Phubala Gram Panchayat and social worker P Shantikumar Meitei attended the function as chief guest, president and guest of honour respectively.

L Pishak Singh, secretary of the New Life Foundation and also member of the North East Dialogue Forum (NEDF) and its coordinator Adam Kharam; secretary of Woman Action for Development Sobita Mangsatabam, Naharolgi Thoudang editor Kh Loyalakpa participated in the function as resource persons.

During the function, Kh Loyalakpa said that those people who helped undergrounds in term of crore are not punished but poor people, old and woman who earned their livelihood on daily wages are tortured and arrested. However, the removal of Assam Rifles from Kangla Fort of Manipur is the credit of such old woman mothers.

He further mentioned that after the removal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act from the 7 assembly segments of Imphal west district, Sanjit and Rabina were killed as usual as it happened earlier and added that lobbing of grenade and planting of bomb in the residential area happened as a routine matter in Manipur.

And even the surrendered insurgents might be also used as tools in such crimes to kill general public but not the family of CM Ibobi and MLAs that is why they disinterested for the removal of AFSPA from the state, he added and further continued that India government also treated the people of the state as creature beyond the planet.

Loyalakpa continued that India government should consider the consequences if the people of the state united shouted for disassociation from Indian Union and hinted that India government should ponder a lot about it and demanded to remove AFSPA from the state.

L Pishak Singh, chairperson of the Child Welfare Committee of Bishnupur district said that the people of the northeast and Manipur in particular have been experiencing the violent armed conflict for the last 50 years which has subjected them to various kinds of human rights violation meted out both by the state and non state actors.

He further appealed to both the Indian state and non state actors to respect International Humanitarian Law and Fourth Geneva Convention Common Article 3 including the Additional Protocol II of 1977.


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