STDBCA anniversary deliberates on chiefs` duties


By Alex Guite

LAMKA, March 21: The Sangaikot Chiefs’ Association under the aegis of the Sangaikot TD Block  Chief Association(STDBCA) organized a seminar –cum –Thumkhomna/ Seminar –cum –Thanksgiving’  program at the Sangaikot  Community Hall, CCpur on March 17, 2014.

This seminar was organised in commemoration of the 7th anniversary of the STDBCA and was organised under the theme “Know thy responsibility.”

In his welcome speech, chairman of the STDBCA Pumtulthang  Lianzo, also the chief of Alfa village said the association comprises of approximately more than 98 village of the area.

He said that the idea to hold the seminar was conceived by him and his cabinet at STDBCA and; expressed his hope that it will foster in the well-being of the area.

Leaders  of the KSDC who are for the creation of Kuki State, on the occasion say that without active participation from the chiefs their cause will have no meaning as the selling of the  land by the chief will mean no territory to demand for.

Dr S Chongloi of Kuki Innpi, who along with rev DS Thang acted as resource persons spoke on the topic “Chiefs and Politics.”

He said that the people, particularly the chiefs, should demarcate a line between religion and their duties.

“Understanding politics beyond that of the MPs’, MLAs’ is the best for us and partialities don’t have a place in real politics,” he observed

“We must be aware to make the needed amends on this as we have already strayed,” he continued.

He asserted that the people must take a bigger outlook considering that the area is populated by different people who speak different languages like the Zou, Hmar, Paite, Vaiphei ,Thadou etc.

He also stressed on the main points that identify a village chief.

Touching upon the topic of protecting the land, Dr Chongloi said that the zeal to protect should start from home, quoting from the NE Region Community Resource Management Project for Upland Area (NECORMP).

He said that “We didn’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrowed it from our children.”


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