Tamenglong committee endorses support to Gangmumei


IMPHAL, March 11: An emergency meeting comprising of public leaders, social workers, intellectuals, representatives from all the political parties and community leaders was held yesterday at Shekinu in Tamenglong district head quarter with regards to the ensuing Lok Sabha Manipur outer parliamentary Election.

After lengthy discussion the gathering unanimously resolved to form a Manipur Committee for Parliament 2014, Tamenglong district.

The following members were elected as Manipur Committee for Parliament 2014 Tamenglong District, retd. Maj. Gaigonglung Kamei as president, Guidow as functional President, Daniel Gangmei as Vice president and K C Savio as the General secretary. Moreover, five advisory board and hundred members were also selected during the meeting.

A statement issued by the committee informed that the house fully endorsed to support and work for Prof. Gangmumei Kamei, BJP Candidate by cutting across all political parties in the forthcoming 16th Lok Sabha election (Manipur Outer Parliamentary election).

“Prof. Gangmumei Kamei is the outstanding figure and best candidate to represent the people in the parliament”, it said adding that it appeal all to cast their votes in favour of Gangmumei.


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