UKhrul District Journalists` Association boycotts Ukhrul SP


IMPHAL, March 30: The Ukhrul District Journalists’ Association (UDJA), in its emergency meeting held on Sunday, has resolved to boycott Ukhrul Superintendent of Police S. Selvan and Manipur Police in the district of Ukhrul, Manipur.

A joint statement in this regard was issued by Pamreisho Shimray secretary and Sothing Shimray, president UDJA.

It said the meeting seriously deliberated on the high-handedness and unethical conduct meted upon the members of the Fourth Estate who were covering the peaceful rally of students at Ukhrul mini secretariat at 11.30am on Saturday.

The escort party of Ukhrul SP S. Selvan obstructed a team of media persons from performing their duty by way of confiscating their cameras and deliberately deleting the pictures captured on the spot, wherein S. Selvan and his escort party forced their way through the assembly of students in the premises of Ukhrul mini secretariat.

Selvan threatened the journalists on duty against taking picture of the scene where he acted in a manner very unbecoming of an IPS officer adding that UDJA has seriously viewed and condemned his unofficial conduct, it opined.

It maintained that Journalists in Ukhrul has been maintaining a cordial relationship with the Manipur Police in the district over the years and still looks forward to continue the good rapport with them in future.

It further revealed that the same day of the incident, the UDJA, with a good intention to settle the problem in an amicable manner, met and submitted a written representation to the Ukhrul Deputy Commissioner and the same copy forwarded to Ukhrul SP seeking his “unconditional apology” and to forget the unfortunate incident once and for all.

However, the SP has not responded yet to solve the problem, despite the representation and deadline set at 12 noon on Sunday, the March 30, 2014.

Consequently, the decision to boycott Selvan and Manipur Police in the entire district of Ukhrul was taken after a serious deliberation in an Emergency Meeting of UDJA, concluded the statement.


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